Who are we?

Lana changed my life. A wonderful brown and white, Parti-Color STANDARD POODLE and obviously, the queen of Tête à Queue (Head to Tail) grooming. Coming back from Stoneham, near Québec city, where her breeder is situated, I went to see a groomer who accepted to teach me how to groom her. Arts being a big part of my life (pottery, stained glass, drawing, painting, sculpture and a few others) I had finally found the perfect medium - joining my love for animals, my taste for well done work and the expression of my artistry. It was all natural for me and a real pleasure.

Being on the lookout for a new job, I had found my destiny! I worked in a grooming salon, where I was taught this wonderful trade. I then obtained my diploma and opened my own grooming salon for dogs and cats, Tête à Queue (Head to Tail).

When I went to Stoneham to get Lana, someone told me she'd change my life. That person didn't know how right she was!